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Dundee Rep Theatre

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Dundee Rep Theatre is a world class, award-winning performing arts organisation and Charity comprising Rep Creative Learning (RCL) and two permanent performing companies - Dundee Rep Ensemble and Scottish Dance Theatre (SDT). We are home to twenty practicing artists who are rooted in the region but nationally and internationally oriented. They are at the heart of the Dundee Rep creative community, which thrives on a unique blend of creativity, disciplines and experiences.

Our Vision is of a creative community whose work is a model of excellence, synonymous with quality across all its activities.
Rooted in making work with a diverse local audience whilst strengthening its national reputation, we complement our work with a wide range of activities on a local, regional and an international scale. We are a national cultural asset which the people of Dundee feel ownership over and in which they can take enormous pride!

We are seeking funds to help us establish a few programmes which are planned, like Creative Learning Education Programmes which build on the work of other popular projects, aimed at engaging in positive relationships with young people. This is by promoting access to our services, and increasing the scale of our participation and training offer.

We are also seeking funds for Scottish Dance Theatre (SDT) who Create dance that is moving, thought provoking and has resonance in people’s lives, we run a programme of weekly classes at our home, Dundee Rep Theatre and the dancers also lead workshops whilst they’re on the road, touring the UK and beyond. Again, we would like to build upon our centre of excellence that is SDT, by increasing our participation offer and training.

In helping us with some core costs, this means that some of our allocated funds can be freed up for use in fostering leadership & creativity amongst all our staff, colleagues in the sector, and in our wider public! Simple!

Using creative activities we help participants to develop new skills, explore their creativity and increase their confidence, we provide groups, children, adults and the wider community of Dundee the opportunity to develop their creative potential and assist in their engagement with theatre. It’s fun and it’s personal development at it’s best.

If you feel you would be able to help Dundee Rep Theatre, in any way, we would be extremely grateful for a few pennies in our piglet! And if you want to find out more about what we do, and how we can help you become involved in our work, please get in touch with Jasmine (Fundraising Manager)

Thank you for your support, in helping us Oink, when you Ploink!


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