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PEPAIDS is a UK-based NGO whose mission is to promote and preserve the good health of people in Zambia through the provision of support for HIV/AIDS initiatives and the promotion of awareness of issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. In the UK, we work in various Universities to run awareness-raising campaigns among the student populations.

Since May 2009 we also participate in a coalition of small charities in the North West, Together 4 Africa.

Our local partner NGO is SAPEP (Simalelo AIDS Peer Education Programme), based in the Monze and Mazabuka districts of the Southern Province of Zambia. We work together to empower the rural youth of Zambia to mobilise their communities to fight poverty and HIV/AIDS. PEPAIDS is SAPEP’s principal funding partner, also aiming to build SAPEP’s organisational capacity to be better placed to perform its function.

Moreover, we collaborate on Kulyaaba, a volunteering scheme, that offers people in the UK and abroad the chance to get involved in SAPEP’s work.

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