How old do I have to be to use the site?

We like people to be 18 as it involves using a credit or debit card to make donations. If you are under 18 and would like to use ploink! as a way of giving to your favourite charities then we suggest you ask your parents or guardians to set up an account in their name for you.

What if the charity I want to donate to is not registered with ploink!?

If a charity has not yet registered with ploink! you can let us know which one you'd like to be able to ploink! coins to and we will contact them.

Is there a fee?

We wish we could do all this without charging fees but we can’t! Once we’ve collected gift aid and added it to the donation we deduct 10p (whether the donation is 99p or £10), this helps towards the card processing costs that we incur. We then deduct 10% from the balance to help with all the promotional work we do for the charities using our site. Happily, the total that goes to the charity is still more than the original donation. 

What if I haven’t got a credit or debit card?

Our other payment method is currently PayPal. If we find lots of people want to use alternative payment methods then we will consider these options in the future.

Can I give to charities that are not UK registered?

No, at least, not yet. But if ploink! proves popular we will look at the possibility of introducing it to other countries.

Can I customise my piggy banks?

We’ve always planned on this being available and we’re looking at introducing it as soon as possible.

How many charities can I support at once?

Because we know that people usually like more than one charity, we’ve made it possible to select up to 3 charities and there will always be a charity of the month as well, that you can consider giving to.

How do I nominate a charity of the month?

Each calendar month you are able to nominate one charity to be considered for Charity of the month. We look at all the nominated charities and then select three to be voted for the following month. The charity that receives the most votes will appear on everyone’s home page as Charity of the month.

How do I vote for charity of the month?

Every time you donate the coins from a piggy bank to a charity you’ll see the 'vote' button appear under the nominated charities. And if you make 5 donations, for example, you'll be able to click the 'vote' button 5 times.

Can I link to Ploink from my website or Facebook Page?

Yes please. Why not use our lovely Ploink! button - simply copy the code below or download the image and upload to your site and link to www.ploink.co.uk


How do I ploink?

Ploinking is easy! Start by finding a charity and click 'support' on their profile page. Go to your home page and you'll see the charity piggy bank will have appeared! Now you're ready to ploink!

First grab a coin

Step 1: Move your pointer over the coin you want to put in the piggy bank.

Drag the coin to a pig

Step 2: Click on it and drag it to a piggy bank and let go. The total amount will go up with each coin.


Step 3: When you have at least 99p in the piggy bank the 'donate now' button will activate for you to click and donate.