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Small Charity Week 2013 was a big success!




As the sponsors of ‘I ♥ Small Charities‘ day 2013 we were invited to a briefing in London on how the week had done. The team at the FSI who put it all together did an amazing job…

  • They helped to raise £37,000
  • Attracted 18,500 visitors to the Small Charity Week website
  • Got charities 160 hours worth of free advice
  • Had 1,200 small charities taking part

We’d like to say a massive congratulations to them and wish them all the best for 2014.

Purple Pennies

Its early October and the leaves are just turning as the Ploink! Team head south to the town of Liphook and to Chiltlee Manor to meet up with those lovely people from Pancreatic Cancer Action to discuss how Ploink can help promote their November ‘Purple Pennies’ campaign.

Joint promotion is something that we at Ploink! are very keen on, and we’re looking for charities that we can talk with and promote each month as we look to expand our Charity of the Month promotions.

Pancreatic Cancer Action Aim to improve survival by focusing on early diagnosis

So we’ve coloured our coins purple for the month, sent out some promotional emails and created a small promotional video for PCA’s web site. All small stuff, and easy to do but as we know ‘small is beautiful’.

The hardest part was trying to decide where to shoot the video? Should it be Pinewood or Elstree? Should we ask Mr Depp or Mr Cumberbatch to star in it? How many catering trucks would we need? What is a Folio Grip?

In the end the choice was simple. We asked our great friend and top news cameraman Jonny Bonny (BBC, SKY, Channel 4, FIVE ) if he would give us some of his valuable time and resources to film Dave giving his all to camera. All great fun and I’m sure you’ll agree a great result at the end too.


For those of you who have never done such a thing, try this… read the lines below and talk to the mirror. You have 3 mins to learn the lines and 10 ‘takes’ to get it perfect… in between each ‘take’ you can look at the lines again, but for no more than 20 seconds! Its not as easy as you might think and don’t forget to SMILE ;)

The Ploink! team is delighted to be involved in this years Purple Pennies campaign for Pancreatic Cancer Action. It’s a fantastic charity so why not show your support by Ploinking a Purple Penny or two using our great, fun to use, charity giving web site.

It’s completely free for you and the charity. So all the money you give goes to Pancreatic Cancer Action. We don’t take a penny. Not even a purple one!

So visit and found out how you can become a Ploinker and give your change to charity.


So please get in touch if you think your charity could benefit from some Ploink! input and help, and as usual, anything at all that you feel you want to say about your Ploink!, please either add it to the comments below, or email us at .

The leaves have now fallen as we wait for spring… and as we all know, come the spring, just like Ploink!…  the small will blossom and become truly beautiful…


Time to Ploinkerize the Nation

Last Thursday was one of the hottest days of the year so far, so what did the team at Ploink! do?

Bask in the sun with a Pimms? Head to the coast? Swim with dolphins? Nope. We attended the 2013 Figaro Digital Marketing Conference at The Royal College of Physicians, Regent’s Park, London.

Mad you might think… but you would be wrong!


 A big part of what we want to do with Ploink! is to engage more people. Spread the word. We all love ‘the Ploink way’ of doing things, the ethos that you don’t have to be big, or even give big, to make a real difference to someone’s life. Being small is truly beautiful.

So now we want to spread that Ploink! ethos to a wider audience so that more people have that feeling. We want ‘Ploinking’ to be a natural thing that people do in their daily lives. We want to ‘Ploinkerize the nation’!

So, as a ‘virtual’ company what better way of starting this process than by pinching a few good tips from the great and good of the corporate marketing world. Companies like Pizza Hut UK, Twitter, Transport for London, Absolute Radio, Argos, More Th>n, British Gas, Channel 4 and of course Oxfam.

There was a huge amount of information to take in throughout the day, and some really fabulous presentations. The sort of digital stuff that would make you either weep with excitement or want to lock yourself in a dark room and never come out.

So here is what we learned… ‘Mobile is the big thing!’

I know what you’re thinking…” Did they really have to go to London to work that out?” Seriously though, big business are putting all their efforts into marketing, selling, promoting and communicating with their customers via the mobile. Sure Facebook, Twitter, etc. are the tools by which they reach those customers, but everything is being geared towards the mobile and the ‘on the go’ experience for the user.

Well you can image how delighted and cutting edge we felt having just lunched our new 3D Charity Giving App! Which by the way, everyone loved.

The other big topic was content. Nearly every presentation mentioned that ‘content is king’, and one of the best presentations was about the need for a personalised approach to marketing. Exactly what we at Ploink! want to do.

We really want to talk to you guys more. Don’t worry! We’re not going to bombard you with stuff you don’t want. In fact precisely the opposite. We want to know what it is you do want, and how we can help each and every one of you gain the most out of using your Ploink!

So that’s the second part of our ‘Ploinkerization of the nation’, more info from us on how you can best use your Ploink!; So we’ll be creating and posting some short info videos, podcasts and helpful tips on our Facebook and Twitter pages very soon.

All in all we had a very enlightening and enjoyable day and have come back to Ploink! HQ with some great ideas on how to spread the ‘Ploink Oink’.

But what the Ploink! team would really, really like are some of your thoughts. What would you like Ploink! to do for you? How can we help your charity or donators? What is it that you really don’t like? Would you like Ploink! to be totally mobile based? Should we run more competitions? Should we up the minimum donation from 99p?

Anything at all that you feel you want to say about your Ploink!, please either add it to the comments below, or email us at .

We may have had a day out with the big boys, but you can rest assured that no matter how many ‘Ploinkers’ are out there… Ploink! will always be small and truly beautiful…



We were recently invited by Nick Hurd MP, the Minister for Civil Society, to attend a meeting at Admiralty House in London to discuss the success of the #GivingTuesday campaign last year in America.

After a welcome from the Minister, we heard a fascinating and inspiring presentation from Henry Timms, the founder of the movement. It was a remarkable story of how an idea for a national day of giving, was brought to life by Henry and his team. It was a massive triumph with over 2,500 charities, volunteer organisations, corporations and foundations coming together in all 50 states with one common purpose – to help others and incentivise ways to give more. The day saw over $10 million in online donations, a 53% increase on the same day the previous year. Support for the event was given by people including Bill Gates, the White House, several Mayors and the Clinton Foundation.

Following Henry’s talk, we discussed how we could take what was achieved in America and apply it in the UK. There was lots of talk about what date might be best and how we could tailor it to the UK, but ultimately we think it will probably occur on the same day as it does in the USA, which is December 3rd this year. That’s the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving. We’re not sure if the government will play a big part in promoting the idea or if it will be left up to us, but it will be interesting to see if it takes off here as much as it has in the states.


How do I ploink?

Ploinking is easy! Start by finding a charity and click 'support' on their profile page. Go to your home page and you'll see the charity piggy bank will have appeared! Now you're ready to ploink!

First grab a coin

Step 1: Move your pointer over the coin you want to put in the piggy bank.

Drag the coin to a pig

Step 2: Click on it and drag it to a piggy bank and let go. The total amount will go up with each coin.


Step 3: When you have at least 99p in the piggy bank the 'donate now' button will activate for you to click and donate.